The Orphans system for Roulette

The Orphans system for Roulette

Bryan Yancey

October 26, 2020

One of the great advantages of playing French Roulette consists in the possibility of using the so-called ” Announcements / Call Bets “, in fact through the announcements it is possible to make predetermined bets on online casino sg that allow the player to cover various areas of the green table, with more bets.

The “Announcements” cover almost the entire green table, but leave 8 numbers uncovered: the orphans. ( Orphans = 9,31,14,20,1 – 17,34,6 )

So the Orphans are the 8 numbers that are located to the right and to the left of the so-called ” Voisins 0 ” and are not included in the other ad ‘ 5 Series / 8 “, the” Cylinder . “

How to play the orphans

These “orphaned” ad numbers can be played with both ” Horses ” (6/9, 14/17, 17/20, 31/34) with 1 piece and 1 piece on number 1, for a total of 5 pieces . Or with 8 pieces on the single numbers (1,20,14,31,9-17,34,6).

As you have seen, the ” Orphans ” system is played with 5 chips, 4 of which are bet on the ” Horses “, while one goes to # 1, covering a total of 22% of the green table. The peculiarity is that the n.17 is included in two “Horses” (14/17 – 17/20).

This system is widely used by regular Roulette players, as for a low cost you can get some decent winnings, as the ” Horses ” pay 17 times the amount played and the 1 played in ” En Plein ” allows to win 35 times the amount wagered.

Winning percentages

  • there is only one chance in 37 (equal to 2.7%) that the ball lands on N.1;
  • there are only 8 chances out of 37 (equal to 21.62%) that a number entered in the ” Horses ” will come out.

Therefore the total winning percentage of this system is 24.3%, but to determine what the final advantage of the casino is over the player it is necessary to take an average sample of 100 plays, for a total of 500 chips.

  • bet on number 1: 35 chips x 2.7% = 94.5 chips;
  • bet on number 6: 17 chips x 2.7% = 45.9 chips;
  • bet on number 9: 17 chips x 2.7% = 45.9 chips;
  • stake on number 14: 17 chips x 2.7% = 45.9 chips;
  • bet on the number 17: 34 chips x 2.7% = 91.8 chips (because it is played twice);
  • bet on number 20: 17 chips x 2.7% = 45.9 chips;
  • bet on number 31: 17 chips x 2.7% = 45.9 chips;
  • bet on number 34: 17 chips x 2.7% = 45.9 chips.

In addition to these chips it is necessary to keep in mind that in the event of a winning bet one chip remains on the table and therefore in the 100 spins sample it is necessary to put another 24.3 chips and then adding all the chips resulting from any winnings the total number is 486 chips won, out of 500 wagers, with a margin of 14 chips (2.7%) in favor of the casino.

The casino edge and the indispensable Stopwin

This percentage is perfectly in line with the standard advantage provided by Roulette in favor of the gambling house and therefore from a purely mathematical point of view the system based on Orphans in the long run does not bring any profit.

In this system, like other game schemes, the player must keep in mind the expense and the return of his bets and as soon as he gets a decent profit he must opt ​​for the exit strategy (StopWin).

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